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By Valerie V. Hunt ©2012

October 2012


Consciousness is a state of awareness of information, material, non-material, and etheric. It includes awareness of basic sensory information and the associative creative processing in ideas and beliefs. The consciousness states are on a continuum, with degrees and levels of awareness from simple to complex and liminal to subliminal. It is a state of mind which allows us to process information in specific and general ways. As a process, consciousness is a personally selective focus, resulting in all experiences and actions. A unitary stream of consciousness makes it possible to judge and know divine intent, world order and our destiny. General conscious awareness develops from individual or group living to satisfy genetically established needs and to protect, improve and make life more pleasant.

Individual consciousness is a selective awareness of information from different sources that come together in time. The selective process is called a transaction. When a person perceives from at least two sources he makes a selective judgment of the best response or thought. Now the awareness is not direct but created by the transaction. His decisions are both rational and emotional based upon what is easiest or best for him or for society. His selection or conscious responses may be practical problem solving or be transferred to a higher awareness for longer, and greater results. Einstein’s apt statement, “…no problem can be solved by the consciousness that created it,” helps explain the importance of transactions to consciousness.

The awareness or stimulus may come from outside or the material world, or inside the body from the mind field, brain, or body. Individuals establish conscious awareness patterns that color each new transaction. Consciousness, the profound mystery of human existence is familiar to us by our continuous experiences.

Philosophers of all cultures have tried to explain consciousness. The most concerted effort comes from Buddhist concepts of the selective observations of acute awareness of momentary sensations from external world and  the inside bodily landscape.

Persons are trained to analyze the source of feelings, interpret and verify these by experience, inference, and reliable authority. Transcendental Meditation practices sought to extend consciousness.

In the past science has evaded the study of consciousness as too subjective. Currently neurophysiologists are trying to explain consciousness by  happenings in the brain with the hypothesis that subjectively  observed experiences come from  objectively observed  neuron activity..


To Summarize:

    MRI: shows activity of glial cells during states of consciousness.

    SPECT-MACHINE: shows spatial sequence of brain during mediation and spiritual status.

    NEUROIMAGING: of brain waves shows some ranges and qualities of awareness.

    LIMBIC SYSTEM- LOBES: shows some general information about quality and process of consciousness.

Unfortunately scientists apply a closed system of the brain to fathom the open system of consciousness. While they have validated some lower level sensory aspects of consciousness, they have been unsuccessful in understanding the full range of human awareness including thoughts, insights, mystical knowing, and spiritual experiences. Furthermore probably science will never be able to find acceptable neural bases of consciousness because the brain is only one element in the transaction.

The most advanced scientific thoughts to explain consciousness come from fields of organized information. Frontier physics discovered quantum organized packages of information in fields. This gave us the stunning new Age of Information or spooky actions at a distance, a concept of a participating universe carried in fields.

Mind Field Categories of Consciousness

Schematic data from my Hunt Biofield Meter showed four distinct frequency vibration patterns which I define with the following consciousness categories.

Practical Basic- Grounded: The lowest frequency level of information was sensory from the physical world of matter, and about social habit patterns and the gross emotional energy of living animals.

Extended –Altered: The next level of frequency information was self, body, and person referenced and concerned with beliefs, thoughts, technical procedures where transactions are more complex allowing for greater individual difference in consciousness.

Spiritual –Divine: This third level of frequency information transcended the specific information to a universal value scale beyond actual material information. In this state the consciousness focus is upon ultimate, universal thought of divine existence. And although the actions may differ the level of awareness is the same for all humans. It is however still self , body, and person referenced.

Cosmic Consciousness: During the highest biofield frequency patterns, consciousness is removed from the world of matter or self. There is a feeling of blending into the universe where all is perfect. Judgments are absent and all that ever existed can be re-known. This is a temporary conscious state accomplished by some individuals or some individuals sometimes. These persons with strong, extended Cosmic Consciousness become our profound visionaries, creators, and geniuses.

Evolved living requires transactions on ALL of these levels of consciousness: Practical, Extended, Spiritual, and Cosmic.

Coma and Death

Death is believed to be the termination of heart beat and breathing. Yet many people have defied this death concept by returning to life with all the memories of death. Our best explanation is that the soul temporarily left the body as a field but kept “hovering” near the body. Mystics who observe this apparition believe the soul must have made the decision to return to life - for that is what happened.

During life there is no absence of consciousness, only loss of memory of consciousness. During coma and anesthesia there is a temporary blocking of consciousness but awareness of what happened during that time , the people, their speech and attitudes are still recorded. Later,  if the person “wills” or goes into higher conscious awareness spontaneously or by meditation or hypnosis,  the vivid experience is remembered in details.