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The Greatness of your soul

By Valerie V. Hunt ©2012

November 2012


Is meditation important? Yes, it becomes a habit of time, place and focus on the etheric, with more possibilities than quiet contemplation. But because of the formality of most techniques and beliefs systems, it has also the potential weakness of becoming an escape for peace. Such meditation does not insure that the destiny and capacities of the soul will be advanced. The outcomes are more superficially oriented to self and personality. When you embrace the greatness of your soul you can model for yourself, others and the world the moral and lofty truths with the broadest wisdom and unencumbered love. This is profound and oh so joyful. So why isn’t it automatic, but often fearful? Because of powerful repressed emotions that occurred in a past lifehood when we were manifesting our greatness, and our life was threatened or destroyed by people who saw us as a threat to their beliefs. Remember, there are only 3 basic emotions: fear, anger and love. The energy of  fear and anger protects our soul and body; love embellishes both. When anger is maximized to save our lives, its energy will kill all that threatens it. In this situation there is no moral judgment and higher consciousness ideals are absent, which makes us fearful.

How to alter misplaced emotions

Recognize that the soul’s greatness cannot be discovered when strong emotions of anger and fear hide the soul’s brilliance. First you must become aware of the specific situations in this life that activate strong anger or fear when you know these are not a threat to your life now, but are somehow connected with how you handle these emotions. This awareness is highlighted soon after distasteful or frightening emotions occur in this life.

How to find your soul’s greatness

Plan time for quiet contemplation or meditation. Ask your soul to give you information about your divine greatness. You are your perfect teacher. You will remember incidents in this and past lives. This process of remembering is slow but continuous, like ongoing education. You will learn that the soul’s information is more pure, profound and different  than what your mind has discovered  about you.

This is the  evolutionary process. Be patient, consistent, persistent.

Perhaps you have wondered why many successful and famous people do not have the ultimate, divine soul awareness. To be famous and successful requires skills and contributions that a culture values: philosophy, science, politics, entertainment etc…but not to take care of anger and greatness.. According to biographical data many successful  persons had very labored and unhappy personal lives.

The Values

The values of such evolution are beyond description: the simplest is a peace that bypasses understanding.

  1. Excitement at your new capacities. Your precognition becomes regular, minimizing its shocks.

  2. Recognition that your thought can influence distant happenings of the health and happiness of others, and the skills to improve tragic happenings.

  3. Other people seek your advice and company because they wish to accomplish the same. You are loved for what you are, and as a role model.

  4. Your creativity soars exponentially, whenever you wish to use it.

  5. The simplest emotional pleasures of being human are even improved as you expand to the greatness of your soul.

  6. Happy Journey! It will take time and dedication, but this is why you are living today…