1.     To research the patterns of electromagnetic radiations—energy fields—from the human body as these relate to health, disease and malfunction of mind and body.

  1.     To develop analytic energy field diagnostic instruments and software.

  1.     To discover the energy field signature of persons and the field pattern of diseases for improved prescription of energy field treatment.

  1.     To evaluate current alternative treatments—acupuncture, light ,sound, homeopathy, bodily manipulation, hands on healing and consciousness procedures—used to encourage healing

  1.     To coalesce research findings into an energy field model with applications for conventional and alternative approaches in medicine, psychiatry, psychology, education and communication.

  1.     To present research findings to the public and scientific community through digital media, publication, print, seminars, radio and television. 

  1.     To sponsor educational programs which expand consciousness through energy field techniques.

  1.     To train young scientists in energy field research.

In 1985 Dr. Hunt became the Executive Director of the BioEnergy Fields Foundation—a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to the continued study of human bioenergy and the application of that research within the fields of Medicine, Education and Self-Development.

Dr. Hunt is a pioneer member of this non-profit  scientific research institute which focuses upon bioenergy field regeneration by removal of destructive causes and changes in the ideal body, mind and soul transactions.

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IBR’s research demands a new model of ultimate cause for disease and disabilities such as  cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, immuno-neurological aging and pre and post natal conditions. Treatment and removal of these conditions could prove to be a cure for cancer.

It is further hypothesized that genes and unhealthy life style patterns indeed contribute to the location of cancer lesions but are never the causes.


    Basic causal research

    Clinical research

    Educational research

    Life shock, Stress research


  1.    To discover the causal sources of human disease and dysfunction.

  1.    To create and disseminate depth information globally via internet, digital media and print to individuals, professionals, volunteers and official organizations.

  1.     To educate and credential individuals.

  1.     To establish treatment clinics.

  1.     To clarify and elaborate the concept of human health.

  1.     To establish alliances with compatible medical and health organizations.

  1.     To participate with other organizations to eliminate man-made environmental

       contamination of the world.

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