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Doomsday - End of the World December 21st - won’t happen!

By Valerie V. Hunt ©2012

December 2012

All credible scientists and their organizations NASA, the Planetarium and the Griffith Observatory say there is no valid information to indicate even the remote possibility of the end of the world.

Mayan elders remind us that December 21st  is the end of their Long Count Calendar cycle, not the end of the world. Then another cycle will begin again as does our Gregorian calendar on January 1st. Current Mayan elders inform us that prediction of future events was not a part of Mayan beliefs, and destructive thoughts like death from world termination did not exist.


The doomsday idea of the end of the world is escalating apparently by the report of the hundred of calls NASA is receiving daily  inquiring about its validity .

Why is it that while we believe so strongly in the truth of science,  the December 21st doomsday belief appears to have rapidly increased with more people believing in it?

The reasons are both deep and superficial:

Superficially we human like to celebrate something and we are in the mood between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many people have “end of the world “parties, both for fun and to share “maybe it will happen” thoughts.

Restaurants have a bonanza business providing new hyper rich and delicious doomsday menus, activating our pleasure spot.

Bartenders mix special alcoholic drinks, hyper potent ones (because after death there won’t be any more booze).

I am sure that there are also some parties where frankly sharing your fear of death from a sudden world’s end becomes easier because you are not alone.


Isn’t it interesting that throughout history someone, probably a leader or a great philosopher, also predicted similar catastrophe? Did these seers see the fact or rather the need of people for a relief valve for destructive group and personal energies?

Obviously the destruction predictions were false but probably the personal results were desirable.

MY beliefs

As culture becomes more complex with tighter communal living we repress our basic life force energy, emotions, to live more comfortably together. This we like and encourage in your young ones because the basic life emotions at the strongest level are raw, hard and often destructive - anger can kill, fear makes us inadequate, immobile or overwhelmed with passivity.

So, does that  mean that we as humans are innately angry, hostile or fearful beings? No! Our soul which is reincarnated into a new person had in a past lifehood experienced life shock so strong it activated the maximum energy - emotions - to live.

This destruction was by humans, not by natural happenings. Furthermore we were killed not because of our badness but because of our goodness, with visions and actions to help and improve our people. Our people liked  some goodness,  but major changes reminded them of a similar past lifehood too traumatic to remember.

Let me  remind you that all organized religions worldwide believe in the soul lifehoods. What these generally don’t express is that the trauma and emotions of that lifehood are carried  with each reincarnating soul.

Religions accept the greatness of past lifehoods as with the savants, unusually gifted and skillful people at an early age.

Actually the reason for reincarnation is that we did not complete our work in other lifehoods to become both divine and human simultaneously. Because when that occurs the soul work is over and the soul will not reincarnate.

Back to Doomsday needs

The repressed emotions from past lives have to do with life and death. The energies stimulated by doomsday/end of the world can activate and relieve one’s personal life/death traumas because these  are unreal happenings out there in the world,  not inside the person, and therefore not as painful. And when doomsday does not happen we can feel better from having released some of our repressed energies.

I believe this has happened and will happen again until we as humans in our culture evolve to deeper understanding of life and our divine nature. I am optimistic because I know there is always chaos before major change.