Written in easy conversational style, Dr Hunt draws from her worldwide travels and years of bioenergy research in illustrating universal truths—free from dogma and outdated ancient beliefs—in order to “uncork” the untapped resources of mind, consciousness and human potential.
A book you won’t forget.

Naibu is my vivid remembrance of my most significant past lifehood on India. The profound insights and wisdoms that came to Naibu are the sources of many of my current higher ideas and concepts that I have researched and expanded in my seminal books, Infinite Mind and Mind Mastery Meditations. It is a book you won’t put down.

Dr. Valerie V. Hunt’s seminal work on the human bioenergy field is must reading for scientists, health-care professionals and anyone seeking increased awareness and self-development. Based on decades of research and clinical studies, Infinite Mind presents the first scientifically comprehensive human energy field model—documenting its fluxuation with changing environments and demystifying it from the superstitious and antiquated explanations of the past. 

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Imagine experiencing feelings of increased vitality, heightened creativity, or improved physical performance. Surrounding yourself with the Music of Light can result in enhanced physical and emotional well-being

This set of two disks contains five tracks, each with a different auric sound
harmonically correlated with contemporary, classical, or new age music.

RED, mixed with contemporary African music revitalizes the body.
BLUE, combining with Mozart, Brahms, and Beethoven's music relaxes and calms the field.
YELLOW, with vibrant waltzes fills the room and brings coherent flow of energy to the body.

These CDs have brought together for the first time, the inner living sounds, the perfect rhythms,
the complex wave forms and resonances of a human interacting with his world.

Science cannot measure scalar energy because it has no frequency, but we know
how to create this standing energy and how to measure its end results.

Scalar energy is created when waves of the same frequency meet from opposite direction,
canceling each other out, and result in standing energy.

Dr. Hunt was the first to discover that bio-scalar energy can be consciously created inside the body. Her techniques have been taught to nurses, therapists and doctors with outstanding testimonies of the effectiveness of bio-scalar energy to rapidly relieve pain, stop bleeding from injury and surgery, and hasten healing from illness.

In this CD Dr. Hunt reveals and shares those techniques for the individual for use in self-healing and the healing of animals.

Each of us has created a personal world  from material things therefore the physical body is central to our ordinary conscious awareness. When we have pain or illness we try to treat the dense real body of muscles, joints, nerves and organs.

Recent scientific research shows us a bioenergy force, a field popularly known as “aura” which is inside and outside the body and bathes each cell and tissue. It is this field which becomes sick before the dense body becomes ill.

A review of the traditional healing energies of “Chi” and “Prana” moves to the exciting modern healing concepts of bioenergy fields—integrated and scientifically validated by Dr. Hunt’s pioneer research.

A Spiritual Odyssey

The Science of the Human
Vibrations of Consciousness

Dr. Hunt describes energy vibrations and the characteristic human perceptions, beliefs, emotions and behaviors that accompany each stage.

A guide for self-evaluation and self-direction toward personal evolution.

In addition Mind Mastery Meditations has been re-issued as an EBOOK

Excerpt from DVD