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Our shocks to life and life destinies are the strongest pervading motivations of our consciousness. Each person has had in utero, at birth or in this life or past lifehoods numerous shocks to his/her living. Some are similar, some are quite different.

These add up or spread to determine and limit the choices of new experiences and become formulated in beliefs, fears, habits and patterns each of us know about ourselves.  Memories of these experiences are so loaded with emotional energy that we store them in altered states of consciousness, unavailable to ordinary memory. This unknown energy with its information is also recorded in the brain where it is released in physiological disturbances and emotional stresses.


It is an experience so overwhelming in sensory stimuli that there is no intellectual solution. The person responds with a reflex at the biological level by activation of the life force- the Kundalini activity. For your review, Kundalini energy has been likened  to a coiled serpent at the sacrum which is suddenly stimulated from a life threatening shock to produce gigantic strength of muscle , speed of nervous reaction , chemical action of glands (adrenal)  to offset the power threatening us , i.e. an auto accident, lightning, or a person’s violence. This gives us the power to run faster, resist stronger or outsmart the force. It is real and not imagined.

If these shock experiences were successfully processed a small amount of this life force energy is always flowing to give vitality and  aggressive energy to undertake all living problems and creative urges. However if this life force was unsuccessfully processed or never experienced, the daily life energy is too weak to successfully handle physical and emotional challenges.

Frontier medical literature reports that all major uncured diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiac neurological or muscular diseases are connected to a shock to life that is inadequately handled . I add that unsuccessful life shock experience are the primary emotional  blocks to evolutionary consciousness.

Human destiny, the exciting ultimate directional source of our life force, can only be known and realized by uncovering and reprogramming our life force shocks. I have developed a magnificently successful way for you to uncover this hidden source by reading your own mind as you kinesiologically respond to my questions.


People who best respond and benefit from the session fulfill the following criteria:

  1. 1.They have diligently sought professional help from various sources such as energy healers, teachers, Eastern and Western philosophy, psychology, yet still have major stresses.

  1. 2.They have sufficient life experience to gain major help from a Life Shock session and use it to new insights to assist others with similar complaints.

  1. 3.They are successfully employed and have financial security.

  1. 4.They are acquainted with my approach to emotions, past lives and consciousness from my writings and lectures, especially Uncork your Consciousness and Mind Mastery Meditations.

Each session is composed of 2 parts:

  1. 1.The first part is the life-shock discovery.

  1. 2.The second part is a mind-field session, during which I use conscious techniques to stabilize your field with personal skills to recover details of your most important lifehood to empower yourself.

Life Shock - Soul Destiny sessions are in person in Malibu, CA and last 3 hours.

Cost is $400 per hour.

Your job:

  1. 1.You tell me your unfulfilled needs or problems, social, financial, medical, religious or professional, as you see them.

  2. 2.What you want for yourself and your current goals in life.

  3. 3.I do not need to know your answers of why to the above problems or needs. We will find the deeper sources .

  4. 4.You will respond to my questions using applied kinesiology (your arm muscle strength).

My Job:

  1. 1.I evaluate your bioenergy field pattern (aura).

  2. 2.I will ask silent questions to which you respond yes or no using applied kinesiology.

  3. 3.I ask the same question verbally so you can see your response.


Dr. Hunt's Life Shock Session proved invaluable in my discovery of the root cause of my current distress in the areas of health, career and personal relationships and provided new energy for realizing my life's purpose. 

—Rev. Kay, ( Author, Speaker, Theologian,Cancer Survivor)

When the session began, I had not been introduced to the introductory  explanation about what a life shock is. But within the first few questions, I experienced what felt like an electric shock wave going up my spine. My hair stood on end. It was an amazing feeling, and the rest of the session  was profound, on many levels.

—Steven Halpern   (Master Musician)

My recent 'Soul Destiny' session with Dr. Hunt was life-changing. I knew from recent deep emotional outbursts that I needed to discover the source of something that was eluding me related to being a leader.  Dr. Hunt's ability to ask me just the right questions that guided me to memories of my own greatness is unsurpassed.  As we worked, I could feel my Soul talking with me about information that I had been afraid to see and hear by myself.  This is the work that all great leaders should be doing if they want to inspire their organizations and colleagues!

—Anne  ( Leadership and Executive Consultant and Coach) 

I believe that your new approach has unlimited potential. The kinesthetic testing combined with your insightful questions helped me have a much-needed conversation with my soul. I received immediate validation that the information we discovered in the session was “true” and critical for my own evolution.  I left with a stronger commitment to achieving my destiny and greater clarity about how the shocks I had experienced were diminishing my power.  I have boldness in all that I do as a result of the insight that I gained during our session.

—Terri (University Professor)

The private session with Valerie Hunt was a unique experience for me,unlike anything I had ever done. The session allowed me to unlock some basic principles that continue to drive my life. I uncovered these incredibly powerful past shocks and I was able to see how these events shaped and continue to shape my  current life. My consciousness is generally always expanding, but the session helped me skip forward in my development and to have  a greater sense of pride in  my own self and my destiny which lays before me.

—Samuel ( Film producer)

Dear Dr Valerie Hunt,

You have opened my eyes to realize my full potential. For this I can not find the words alone to say how grateful I am. You have made me whole again, a new life devoid of emotional wounds. With this freedom I will aspire to new heights … but I will never forget who made this possible.

—Paul  (Electronic Engineer)

You will learn thought skills to stabilize your field and expand your consciousness

You will remember and verbalize one chosen lifehood from childhood to death to discover the beliefs and patterns

which lead you to accomplishments and skills, and ultimately to life-shock and death.

Our goal is to release the repressed emotions with enough insight to make desirable changes.


Life Shock Sessions are Mondays and Thursdays. Availability is limited. Click here to request an appointment.

Suspended until further notice